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Tax Returns

Completing a tax return can be stressful experience, even if there are only a few entries to make. There are various filing deadlines to meet, depending on personal circumstances and as those deadlines approach, the task can seem more and more daunting.


Sole Trader

At John H Simpson, we offer a number of accountancy solutions to assist you as a sole trader. Although being a sole trader is one of the simplest ways to get started in business, there are many processes that need to be followed to ensure that you are compliant with HM Revenue and Customs' requirements.



Whether you are venturing into a new partnership or are already established At John H Simpson, we have dedicated accountants who can help your partnership business with all of your tax and accountancy needs.


Limited Companies

One trading option for a business is to operate as a limited company. This will provide access to a number of tax planning strategies and limited liability status. Although there is perceived prestige in operating as a limited company you will lose some of your privacy – directors' and shareholders' personal details and abbreviated accounts have to be filed and are open to public scrutiny.


Simple and fair pricing

We believe in 'transparent pricing', our costs are clearly explained upfront and we offer varying levels of support tailored exactly to your needs.

Our pricing approach means you avoid overpaying for a service you don't need or equally damaging, underpaying for a basic 'one fee' service that costs you money the long run.



Whilst tax law is continually changing and never gets easier, it's important to know our team of tax experts are regularly updated to ensure you pay the correct amount of tax at the correct time. We don't just process your tax returns and calculate your liability, to ensure you pay the minimum level of tax we will advise you on tax planning opportunities, looking to your future to ensure your needs and goals are met.



As legislation gets more complex, such as Real Time Information it is difficult for you to stay abreast of all developments.

If you are looking for a reliable and confidential Payroll Service then at JHS we have the solution. We can provide full payroll administration for businesses with any number of employees. We offer a completely confidential and cost-effective service that includes:

  • Providing computerised pay-slips for all staff.

  • Payroll intervals to suit your business (weekly, monthly, variable) including overtime and bonus/commission calculations.

  • Comprehensive employee record sheets.

  • Ensuring compliance with statutory obligations for ongoing and year end submissions to HRMC.

  • Advice on redundancy, taxable benefits and pension schemes.

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